Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Giveaway Ending October 31, 2016 ~ #Giveaway Winner

The winner to the Live Clean Vanilla Oatmeal giveaway is

Ivy P

The winner to the Lovable Labels Turns 13 giveaway is

Lynda N

Please check your emails
Thanks for entering everyone.

My other current giveaways (more coming soon!):
#2016GiftGuide Emjoi MICRO Pedi, Nov 29, CAN

Toronto National Women Show, Nov 3, CAN

Shout! Factory Blinky Bill: The Movie, Nov 21, CAN/US

Zoella Beauty, Nov 27, CAN

MLP Everfree, Nov 19, CAN/US

Unilever Beauty Fall Essential, Nov 17, CAN

NCircle Guess How Much I Love You DVD, Nov 8, CAN/US

Cliniderm Awesome Products, Nov 9, CAN

Bioderma Fall MUST HAVES, Nov 7, CAN

Farleyco Fall Essential, Nov 3, CAN  <--ENDING

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