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Shout! Factory Journey to Space ~ #Review #Giveaway

"Space, the final frontier" or "boldly go where no man has gone before" famous quotes you may have hear Patrick Stewart have said before.  It is so fitting that he will narrate Journey to Space.

Shout Factory Journey to Space DVD ~ #Review #Giveaway

  I have learned so much what NASA has been working on towards us going to MARS. We are using ISS (International Space Station) to help us gather data where astronauts will live there for 6 months to a year.  Every time astronauts goes up and live in the space station gives us feed back how people physical and sociologically are when separated with Earth for a long period of time.  Did you know when we are up in Space we have to worry about things like possible of deterioration of vision, muscle and bone loss, and radiation.

NASA is working on Orion that will take us up to MARS.  Many companies and people have helped work on Orion.  There are private groups who are working on one way mission to colonize MARS.  I can't believe there are even people who has already volunteered to live permanently on Mars.   NASA predicted that by 2030 they will be able to send people to MARS.  I can't believe there is only a window of opportunity every 26 month to fly to MARS and it takes 6 months each way.   So just remember when you think 1.5 hours is bad getting to work everyday, it could be worst.

I had no idea but NASA provide a lot of training underwater.  The astronauts will live underwater for a period of time.   They are creating and modifying a more comfortable space suits.  The original suits give the astronauts limited movements.

It would be quite an event when we finally be able to reach to MARS.    We can only learn so much through cameras and robots.  When we finally be able to travel to MARS, it can provide us give more information when we decide to go further than Mars.

This DVD is great.  I am not a Space junkie but I was hooked learning what has happened over the past year and what they are aiming to do.  This is a must watch DVD since it provide so much information and it showed a few amazing pictures of what NASA has of space and MARS.  I have to think that once we finally reach MARS would definitely have a major impact in our future.

Here is a cool little experience you could work with your kids during the summer.

How is Earth’s atmosphere different from MARS?
2 plastic cups, vinegar, baking soda, short candle, small lump of clay, matches

• Pour some vinegar into one of the cups and sprinkle in baking soda. Observe the chemical reaction that occurs.
• The vinegar and baking soda haven’t disappeared, they have transformed into an invisible gas called carbon dioxide. As a scientist, you don’t need to take our word for that. Test it yourself.
• Put a lump of clay in the bottom of the second cup. Stick the candle into the clay.
• Ask an adult to light the candle. Observe the flame in Earth’s oxygen-filled atmosphere.
• What will happen if you tilt the vinegar/baking soda cup over the lit candle? Try it, being careful not to spill the vinegar.• Have the adult try to light the candle again. Any problems?
• Could you light a fire on MARS?

On June 7 Shout! Factory are releasing the exciting Journey To Space film that has been so popular at IMAX theaters and science centers all over the country. It’s educational, the footage is spectacular, and it is family friendly. Narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart (Star Trek), Journey to Space offers spectacular space footage and gorgeous views of Earth. This dazzling film shows the magnificent contributions made by daring space pioneers, and illustrates how exciting and ambitious NASA’s next era promises to be, including space travel to Mars and capturing asteroids. 

History of the Shuttle Orbiter 
Testing New Space Exploration


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