Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Campbell's Summer Grains ~ #PR & #Contest

Campbell Summer GrainsThe weather has finally gotten hot these days.  So hot that I try to cook as little as possible in the house as well as I don't turn on the oven at all.  I either cook outside or cook simple dishes that do not take any time at all.  I usually make salads but making the same thing all summer is boring like making the same white rice every day for 365 days (give or take).  Growing up eating the same brand of rice with just water makes dinner not very exciting.  It was only when I moved out when I learned that I could use beef, chicken, or vegetable broth to kick up my rice up a notch.  My favourite broth brand I usually purchase is Campbell's.

At the end of June, I was invited to attending Campbell's summer grains showcase by demonstrated many ways to prepare healthy super grains with the help of Campbell's Ready to Use Broth.  Rising food star Kelsey Brown debuts seven irresistible summer recipes featuring Campbell's broths.  You can find all of Kelsey's recipes at www.cookwithcampbells.ca.  Summer Grains are Barley, Kamut, Farro, Quinoa, and Millet.

Other than cooking rice with a rice cooker, I am no expert in cooking grains.  I discovered it is very easy to cook.  It is like cooking rice.  First rinse the grains, then boil the broth first then add the grains, allow to simmer until the grain absorbs all the broth, remove from heat and let it sit for 15 mins.  It sounds simple enough right?

Campbell's Ready to Use Broth has become a staple in my pantry.  I use it all the time for various dinner preparation.  They have no artificial colours or flavours, fat free, prepared in Canada, Resealable cap allows for easy storage, and it is available in no salt added varieties.

I am no chef like Kelsey Brown but my favourite way to use my Campbell's Ready to Use Broth is when I am making roast beef dipped sandwiches.  I make my roast beef sandwiches using lightly toasted baguettes and heated up beef broth.  As what Campbell will say - M'm! M'm! Good!

Kelsey's summer grain creations reflects her whimsical style of mixing new, exciting  flavours into classic pairings.  Each recipe starts with Campbell's Vegetable or 30% Less Sodium chicken or beef broths as the foundation to infuse flavour into super grains like pearl barley and farro.  She then adds some creative flare with fresh summer produce and ingredients like parmesan, apricot, jalapeno and mint to give each recipe its own exciting flavour profile.

If you are a great chef at home, check out Campbell's contest that ends July 14, 2014 at 11:59:59PM
Contest rules available at http://bit.ly/1pDM9wx

About Campbell Company of Canada
Campbell Soup Company is a global manufaturer amd marketer of high-quality foods and simple meals, including soup and suces, baked snackes and healthy beverages. Founded in 1869, the company has a portfolio of market-leading brands, including Campbell's, Pepperidge Farm, Arnott's and V8.  With a soup plant located in Toronto, ON, Campbell Company of Canada is subsidiary of Campbell Soup Company.  Through its corporate social responsibility program, the company strives to make a postive impact in the workplace, in the marketplace and in the communities in which is operates.  Campbell is a member of the Standard & Poor's 500 and the Dow Jones Sustainability indexes.


  1. I never thought of dipping my sandwiches before. Great idea!

  2. I haven't purchased broth in a really long time as I usually make my own. It sounds really tasty!