Sunday, 29 December 2013

Jazz It Up with SummerFresh ~ #Review

It might be early for you but not to me but I like to plan my New Years get together early since some of my friends are hard to get hold of.  In some years I will host a potluck dinner.  It is the easiest way to not hurt the wallet and the cheapest to dine with friends at the comfort at your own home.  I am thinking to use Summer Fresh products this year as my contribution to the dinner.

Summer Fresh

I had the opportunity to try some of Summer Fresh products and I was devouring them up.  I knew they had a great selection of hummus and dips but sauces?  Who knew.  They are handy and useful for dinner, as I was using them most of the nights during the week.  I was making stir fry and these sauces makes them even tastes better.  Even my kids had no problem eating dinner.  They were so good there was no left overs.  All I had to do was pour the sauce to heat it up and mix it up with rice and chicken - dinner is served.  My husband loves spicy food.  There is a kick in the butter chicken and thai curry but it is really good.  He couldn't get enough of it.  He wanted to know if I had more.  Even my co-worker mentioned Summer Fresh is her go to product for sauces and dips.

I had never had kale before but I had received a container of kale dip which I literally ate it myself over two days.  My daughter did dip a few times but 98% it is all me.  I can't believe how great it tastes.  This will be a hit at the party.

You can never go wrong with their hummus.  They are so good.  Sure, everyone uses pita or crackers with hummus.  I have been putting my hummas on a pita sandwiches for lunch or when I am making a sandwich I substitute butter with hummus.  It is so good.  It gives my ham sandwich a bit of a nutty and creamy flavour.  I have tried with both the regular hummus and hummus with red peppers and they are both equally as good.  I could eat the whole tub of this my own.  I love eating hummus as a late afternoon snack or at a house party and I never double dip.

I had used their brushetta mix before.  It is so good that I have to purchase two every time I make them for dinner.  This is a great appetizer and a crowd pleaser.

I didn't know this but did you know Summer Fresh now offers delicious desert mousses.  Available in Black & White, Dark Chocolate, and Raspberry, gluten-free and light.  I found them in my package and never made it to my pictures...they were that good because I was sticking my fingers trying to lick up the last bit in the container.

Summer Fresh has alot more products than I have mentioned above.  Their products are sold across Canada and US and the best part is that they are located in Woodbridge, Ontario.  Yeah Canadians!  When the next time you are picking up some groceries for your next dinner party, don't forget to up some Summer Fresh products.  You will not be disappointed because I am not.  I am already planning to pick up a few things.

*Disclosure - The product in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. have to be honest, haven't tried hummus before

  2. I love their hummus flavours, and I had the chance to try the Thai Curry sauce which was scrumptious.

  3. their lemon dill hummus is excellent but in pretty limited distribution. All of the flavours are good though. Really want to try the sauces.

  4. I'll have to keep an eye out for the Summer Fresh products, especially now that I know that they are a Canadian firm :-) I don't like Hummus but I do like dips and sauces so I'll certainly find something to suit my taste. We eat kale every Christmas Eve (the only time of the year for me), it's a traditional meal in my family. Kale is cooked with a special type smoked ham (on the bone) & German sausages. The meat & sausages are removed and then mash is added and lots of cream and all mixed together. My children have always loved it.

  5. I absolutely love hummus of all kinds.

  6. this can be served at any time of the year. I just love having dips and spreads handy, you never know when someone is going to pop over

  7. these look great love how they can b used anytime

  8. I love summer fresh, all their products are so good. Especially the hummus!

  9. I love Summerfresh dips! Hummus is a staple in our home!