Monday, 16 September 2013

Survey #3: A to Z of Me, Me, Me!

I forgot where I have seen this survey.  I thought you might enjoy reading this

A - Age - In my 30s
B - Best holiday - Thanksgiving
C - Chores you hate - Everything
D - Dogs - None
E - Essential start of your day - I repeatly hit the snooze button
F - Favourite colour - Red, Pink, Purple
G - Gold or Silver - Silver
H - Height - 5ft 7"
I - Instrument you play - none
J - Job title - Mommy, Blogger, Care Giver, Sister, Daughter, Accountant
K - Kids - 2
L - Live - Ontario
M - Movie - I love "The Mummy", "True Lies", "Star Trek: The Future Begins"
N - Nickname - "C" nope, I am not kidding
O - Overnight hospital Stay - total of 5 nights for both kids
P - Pet peeves - too many to list
Q - Quote from a film - I'm bad at remember lines so I can't think of one
R - Right or Left-handed - right
S - Siblings - one brother
T - Time you wake up - 5:45am (I try), I usually go to bed past midnight
U - Underwear - yes
V - Vegetable you hate - none
W - What makes you run late - kids
X - X-ray's you had - on my ankle
Y - Yummy food you make - chicken pasta and ham & egg english muffin
Z - Zoo animal - Growing up, I loved to see the white tiger

If you wish to also fill out this survey, you are most welcome to.
Have a good one!


  1. I love surveys like this, where you learn interesting things about yourself and others.

  2. These little surveys are great for getting to know bloggers! Thanks for sharing yourself!

  3. This is a fun way to share some information about yourself. This might make for a good get to know each other activity as well.