Sunday, 28 April 2013

Yves Rocher: New! Makeup Spring Collection ~ Review & Contest

There are days...ok...many days I have walked out the door without a lick of makeup.  Sometimes as a mom of two trying to rush out the door in time to drop the kids off to get myself going in time for work is a struggle.  The only thing I will always have time for is lipstick.  I'm not skilled enough to put eye shadow or mascara on the subway, but putting on some lipstick is not a problem.

Trying out Yves Rocher recently launched Grand Rouge Lipstick is amazing.  I love the hint of scent it has.  I cant describe it, but I have to guess it must be the Sesame Oil.  I can feel how smooth and buttery the lipstick it.  The texture is more smooth than your regular lipstick.  Grand Rouge Lipstick (3.7g, $19.00, sale $11), comes in 18 intense shades.  Long lasting, creamy and moisturizing lipstick.  Enriched with Camellia Oil, Vitamin E, and Organic Sesame Oil.

I know there are some people I believe should be wearing lip liners.  Sometimes it's great to look like you just locked lips with someone.  But most of the time it looks awful.  Yves Rocher released new automatic lip liner in 5 shades and a colourless one which I will assume would be popular since it would matches with any lip colour.  Automatic Lip Liner (0.3g, $12.00, sale $6.50). Retractable point - always stays sharp after each use.  Prevents lipstick from bleeding and may even last longer.  Enriched with Jojoba oil for softness and comfort.  These lip liners are a must have.  I could easily carry it with me all the time and I dont need a sharpener since it always stay sharp.

I may not have time for makeup in the morning but I always try to find time for my nails.  I usually have them done after the girls are asleep.  All I need is 5 minutes.  I don't have the patience or creativity for nail art.  I doubt it will last long on my nails. Simple is how I like them.  Yves Rocher NEW! 3 colours launched is ideal colour for this Spring.  Nail Lacquer (5.5ml, $9, sale $5), three new shades (Nude Rose, Sumptuous Pink, Powder Mauve) I love the colours they come in cute slim little bottles.

I know Mother's Day is coming up and like my mom, she loves lipsticks.   I know she would love Grand Rouge lipsticks.  I think Yves Rocher Grand Rouge would be ideal present I might get for my mom.

These new makeup products are available as of April 2013 in all Yves Rocher stores, online, or by catalogue at 1-800-361-2746.

Want to win your own Grand Rouge Lipstick?  They are running two contests.  Head over to their Facebook page and their Pinterest page to enter.

*Disclosure - The product in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. The dark pink nailpolish shade looks great on you!Did you find they were long wearing or easily chipped? That's my frustration with nail polishes.

    1. I am rough with my hands so I am not the right person to ask. I usually change my nail polish every few days.

  2. I love yves rocher products -- I find them affordable, and they always have great deals on their website.