Monday, 29 April 2013

Bourjois Paris: New products ~ Review

Bourjois Paris is one of the brands that is quite new to me.  I don't think I have noticed the brand until last year. Bourjois Paris has a few products that I think they are fun and chic.

First I have to mention is the limited edition temporary tattoos ($9.99) that I think everyone should try out.  If you know anyone who loves tattoos like my daughter this is the one to purchase.  The designs are very pretty and for someone like me, I would wear them during the summer when I am not wearing heavy sweaters.  They look like real tattoos and without the pain.  It took me a few tries to apply it on my arm.  Wasn't sure what I was doing but finally go it right.  It was so easy to take it off too.  I just have to rub it really hard and off it went.

As I mentioned before how I dont have the creativity for nail art but always wanted to do it on my nails.  Bourjois Paris has this easy nail art kit that was so easy to use.  I followed the directions and was so proud of myself.  Since it was my first time, it took me longer than average.  The nail so laque glossy (10ml, $10) I used for the nail art was also pretty.  It was perfect of my skin tone and great for this Spring season.

Bourjois Paris has these pretty baked eye shadows (1.5g, $17) that are pretty and easily blends into the skin.  The vintage shade of sixties-style pale blue eye shadow (17 Bleu Passe) is the newest one in their collection.  I havan't used baby blue eye shadow in years.  The shade has a shimmer and is very light on the skin.  To make it more intense is by using a wet brush.  The eye shadow looks very pretty on my daughter, and she is asking me to put it on her every day.

There are many mascaras I cant use because my eyes are very sensitive and I have found I could use this one without any crazy irritations.  The Ultra Black Volumizer mascara (9ml, $20) is ophthalmologically tested on sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.  This has transformable brush with two settings : Step 1 - "lightly loaded brush for defined volume" and Step 2 - "fully loaded brush for up to 11x more volume, no clumps guaranteed".  I can't tell the difference between the two settings on my Asian eye lashes but might be better on those full lush eye lashes like my daughter - I am so jealous...

I do love Bourjois Paris products and I have heard many great reviews on them.  I can't wait to see what plans they have this coming year.

Bourjois Paris is celebrating their 150 years and is sold exclusively sold in Shoppers Drug Mart.

*Disclosure - The product in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. I have never heard of this line of cosmetics; but next time at Shopper's I'll be checking to see if I can find them!

    thanks for the review
    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  2. Ive tried the Bourjois Volumizer 2 step mascara and loved it! I used step 1 to seperate and lengthen my lashes and then step 2 made them thick. Aalmost like wearing a false lash!

  3. I love Bourjois products. Also, nice nails!!! :)

  4. I have never heard of this line of cosmetics. Definitely will check them out though next time I am at Shoppers!

  5. I love Bourjois blushes and would highly recommend them! They come in the cutest little pots and have really great colours. I love the nail art you did, it looks awesome!

  6. wow sounds like a great product love your nails , the colors look great thanks for sharing , rafflecopter name Treen Goodwin :)

  7. I especially like the split colour nail design, that looks really good. I've never heard of Bourjois Paris before but then I'm not into make-up so that's may be why.