Monday, 8 October 2012

October 2012 Julep ~ Unboxing

This will be my last Julep box.
Paying for $US20 is expensive in my books.
On top of cant track the package once it across the boarder.
However, it is nice to receive a nice surprise in my mailbox however, it might be a nightmare if it does not arrive.
The best item in my box is the Quick Dry Polish Drops (as well as the candy corn.  My daughter ate most of it when she saw them.)
My daughter was beside me when I was putting the drops on and she said she like the smell - so do I!
Orange and Blue - what do you think?
I don't know if they work together but the crackling is very noticeable.

I spent the afternoon re-taking some photos for my blog that I lost a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, there are some I cant retake.  Lesson learned...


  1. Did you know about the referral program? I haven't paid for a box aside from my $0.01 box in May. For every two people who sign up under your referral link you'll get a free month.

  2. the blue polish is lovely! i wish julep would bring their services to the uk :(

  3. That is a bit pricey. I always wanted the excitement of getting a subscription box but always worried it wouldn't be worth it.