Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Vasanti: BrightenUp! ~ Review

If you have not tried Vasanti's BrightenUp! - you have to.  It will make you into a believer.

Three reasons why you should try it

  • I have read a few great reviews from other bloggers.
  • The SA at Shoppers Drug Mart raved about it.
  • I love how my face feels smooth after using it.

When it was time to redeem my Shoppers Drug Mart points, this was one of the first item that went into my basket.

It has papaya enzymes to breakdown dead skin cells and "magic" microderm crystals to exfoliate your skin.  Its not "magic" but it does wonders to your skin.
It feels like gentle white sand beach rubbing on your skin.
If you dont believe me, go and try it yourself.

However, you have to be careful, not getting them into your mouth when using it.  Once in a while, after washing my face, it feels like I got sand  in my mouth - Yuck.

This is avaiable at Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall (Pharma Plus), and Vasanti Online Store (ships to the US)



  1. -1111111111111111Cool! I've heard such great things about it but my skin is so sensitive so I'm not sure I could use it! Wish I could try a sample!

    1. I think Shoppers Drug Mart might squeeze some into a sample jar for you - it wont hurt to ask.

  2. Oh shoot sorry for the #'s before my comment - my cat stepped on my keyboard LOL!

  3. It was a really good product but I found out not tested and 100% gluten free, so now suitable for celiacs. It did work really well for me for a while though!

    1. Oh, I didnt know that. So far I am loving it and I have been using it off and on for a few weeks now.

  4. sounds like great stuff , my skin is also very sensitive , this might be helpful for my dry itchy skin , i would like to try it out before i buy it tho thanks for the great review , rafflecopter name Treen Goodwin :)

  5. I do like this product! I haven't purchased it in awhile though.