Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Body Shop ~ Review

Sorry, its been awhile since my last post.
I was so busy with work and kids.
Then I was having some technically difficulties with my computer.
After some CPR and swearing, it turns out my harddrive is dead.
Replaced the harddrive - at least I didn't have to purchase a new laptop...
There is so much programs that needs to be installed but at least I have the basics up and running.

A few weeks ago, I did a quick stop over to The Body Shop's grand opening.

I wasn't able to get a free mini makeover because I couldn't get a spot in time.
However, I bought the mini Shea Body Butter for $1 and Mango scented Hand Cleanser Gel for $2
On top of that I use my Body Shop Membership card to receive 10% off!!
What a bargain, eh.
Years ago I had tried their Shea Body Butter and I didn't like it too much.
They must have changed their formula because I love it!
It smells wonderful, leaves my hand soft, absorbs quickly, and non greasy.
Pretty good dont you think?

The gel sanitizer is just another gel sanitizer...
They are all pretty much the same thing.
Do I need to comment any further?


  1. I love Body Shop's Body Butters! They are supper moisturizing and they smell soo good! :)

  2. My feet could use these any thing that would soften them would be great

  3. I love their body butters!