Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Redemption Day at Shoppers

This past weekend was "Spend Your Points Event!" where I could get up to $220 off.  That is an additional $50 instead of the usual $30.
As you can see I was able to purchase quite a few things including the arrowroot cookies that I forgot to add in the photo.
Majority of the products were on sale and I even has $10 worth of coupons I used toward this purchase.
In the end I went over by $5.97 and I had to pay the taxes.
I am abit proud of myself since this is the first time I have redeemed my points after collecting them for 15+ years.

Since I spent over $30 on Biotherm I received a gift with purchase.

Because I purchased so much cosmetics I received their 50th birthday gift box with samples and a few coupons. (Another post tomorrow to show you what is in the box.)

Did you use your points this past weekend?


  1. no, I'm saving mine up again to do the same big bonus as you just did. Last year I got the family a Nintendo Wii and some games by doing that. It was a great Christmas present and it was free! You had an awesome haul of great stuff there!

  2. I'm saving mine too, I've not seen anything that I really want so far so I'll just wait and perhaps get a big bonus too :-)