Saturday, 8 September 2012

Fall Edition 2012 Luxebox by Loosebutton ~Unboxing


This box contains:
Philosophy: Hope in a Jar
Full Size 2 oz @ $52, Sample Size 0.25oz @ $6.50

Lancome: Defincils mascara
Full Size 6.5ml @ $31, Sample Size 2.07ml @ $9.87
Chateline 100 Beauty Winner

Guerlain: La Petite Robe Noire (Eau De Parfum Spray)
Full Size 1.60 oz @ $90, Sample Size 0.16 @ $9

Moroccanoil: Luminous HairSpray
Full Size 300 ml @ $24, Sample Size 75ml @ $6
Received in my December Luxe box.

Sally Hansen: Salon Effect Real Nail Strips
Full Size = Sample Size $8.97

Calvin Klein: Beauty Lotion
Full Size 6.7oz @ $43.22, Sample Size 1 oz @ $6.45

Calvin Klein: Beauty Parfum Spray
Full Size 4.25oz @ $115, Sample Size 0.04 @ $1.08

LooseButton: Exfoliating Pad
Full Size = Sample Size 
This is a nice little extra

The value of my box is $47+

The Bottom Line
Product received - 4/5
The surprise - 3/5
Favourite product received - Sally Hansen
Brownie Points - Nice new box
Overall reaction - It is an improvement from the last box I received back in May.  I have already have a mini size Hope in a Jar moisturizer but I do like it.  Oh boy, another mascara I still have too many to go through.   However, I have heard Lancome makes the best mascara.  I dont know why, but I've received a Moroccanoil hairspray in my December Luxebox - bummer.

Do you like this month's box?


  1. Nice, I like Guerlain, the packaging is so pretty- the little black dress.