Monday, 3 September 2012

Coppertone Kids Sunscreen ~ #Review

I bought this when it was on sale at Costco.
For 3 bottles it was on sale for C$14.99, Regular is C$19.99
It is a continuous spray.
It sprays everywhere.
It is very messy and half the time it is not spraying on the body itself.   Very wasteful.
My daughter hates it.
In two weeks I have finished a can of it.
Would I purchase it again?  No.  The lotions will last a lot longer than this one.

Coppertone Kids Sunscreen ~ #Review


  1. Thanks for posting this! I especially like to hear about the not so great purchases so I can save my money and not get them.

  2. thanks for an honest review. I also find that sprays don't work as well as a lotion since they seem to go everywhere and hence pretty wasteful too.