Monday, 3 September 2012

Blistex: Revive & Restore Lip Balm ~ Review

Here is my latest lip balm purchase to feed my other addiction.
I picked this up at Rexall (Pharma Plus) but I have also seen this at Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart.
Regular price is approx $4+ but I saw this on sale for $2.79.
I didnt just bought one, I bought two!
The Revive is has a hint of mint and the Restore is alot smoother and creamer of the two.
I love this new lip balm.
It contains shea butter and SPF 15.
The jars also clicks together so they wont stray apart from each other.
I cant wait for it to go on sale again so I could stock up.


  1. I love Blistex , but i haven't tried this one out , i will be trying it out for sure thanks for the great review , rafflecopter name Treen Goodwin

  2. I never even knew that Blistex, which I love, also comes in a form like this. The Restore sounds very good, thanks for the review :-)