Sunday, 17 June 2012

June 2012 Glymm box

I have to admit, every since their rebranding, their service and quality of the box had improved...keep it up.

This month's box:

La Fresh: Eco Beauty Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover
Full Size: 18 packs @ $9.99, Sample Size: 2 packs @ $1.11
These will be very convenient if I was travelling or on the go.  Instead of taking a bottle of nail polish remover (even a small one) I could have a few of these handy packages in my purse.  However, I think these are too expensive for me.  I will stick with the bottled nail polish remover.

Clark's Botanicals: Smoothing Marine Cream
Full Size: 50ml @ $115, Sample Size: estimate 3ml @ $6.90
This smells really good.  It really did make my skin all nice and smooth.  Unfortunately, I cant afford the price tag...ouch!

Salvadore Dali: ItlsDream
Full Size: 60ml @ $54, Sample Size: estimate 1.2ml @ $1.08
It has a "fruity-floral-woody" scent - it is OK.  I am very picky so I will pass on this...

Vitamine and Sea: Perfect Skin Solution
Full Size: 45ml @ $68, Sample Size: estimate 1.5ml @ $2.27
This has so much oil ingredients that I have to pass.  I tried it a bit and it just made my face too greasy.

Belvada: Harmony - Duo Lipstick
Full Size = Sample Size 3.4g @ $20
This is actually really nice.  This reminds me the CoverGirl duo lipstick that they launched awhile back...but this is much better.

The approximate value of this box is $30+

The Bottom Line
My experience with this month's box - 4/5
Product received - 4.5/5
The surprise - 5/5
Favourite product received - Belvada Duo Lipstick
Brownie Points - Many good size products
Overall reaction - Wow!

Do you like this month's box?

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