Friday, 22 June 2012

Gold Bond

Sometimes I wonder if some things will work as describe on the bottle.
I hate wasting my money on products that sucks.
One time I had this skin irritation on my neck for days.
No idea what happened.
I was dying because the itch was driving me insane.
So I picked up Gold Bond...guess what, this stuff really works!
I put this on after I wash my face or a shower.
I have no idea if I was allergic to something that caused it but I am glad it was gone.
I didn't know if its meant to used on the face but as long it is not near my eyes I should be fine.
The stuff smells like medicine but after awhile the smell goes away or faint that you dont noticed it much.


  1. great product! I am now following you! Follow me back please? ♥

  2. Thanks for reviewing goldbond. I've always been curious if it actually works lol.