Saturday, 23 June 2012

Going to the Movies

After a few months of craziness I've treated myself to the movies.
Last weekend I watched "The Avengers"
Great movie.
I have seen "Iron Man 1 & 2" and "Thor".
Never saw "The Hulk" or "Captain America".
I still enjoyed it because I kinda knew who the Hulk was and Captain America.
Who doesn't?
I really enjoyed watching it and I know the audience did too because at the end of the movie we all clapped.
There has been only a few occasion that has happened before so you know you are not the only one who enjoyed it.

This weekend I watched Pixar's new movie "Brave".
I love all movies done by Pixar.
Since this was the opening weekend, the theatre was packed.
Before the movie there was a mini-movie which I really liked.
It was a kind that puts a smile on your face.
"Brave" was also very enjoyable to watch.
I cant wait for it to come out on DVD so I can watch it with my daughter.
No, my daughter didnt come with me since this is my "me" time.
I needed it to re-energize myself.

Any movies you watched or want to watch?

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  1. We loved Brave! I took my teenagers and my daughter's friend who is 20 and they loved it!