Wednesday, 30 May 2012

May 2012 Luxebox by Loosebutton

Just received a surprise this afternoon.
Once again they had made this box bigger than usual.

This month's box included:

Cargo - Blue_Ray High Definition Lip Gloss (Panama)
Full Size = Sample Size $25

This is my second Cargo lip gloss.  The first one was from my topbox.  I still think the time strip is a cool idea.  I have so much lip gloss to go through...

Orlane - Oligo Vitalizing Scrub
Full Size 75ml @ $42, Sample Size 3.5ml @ $1.96

I love to try a new face scrub.  After I've tried it, it was decent.  It is not as good as the one I am thinking of purchasing.  I will give it a few my tried but for this price, it is a bit pricey than the other brand.

Paco Rabanne
Black XS L'Exces For Her
Full Size 50ml @ $74, Sample Size 1.2ml @ $1.78
Black XS L'Exces For Him
Full Size 50ml @ $78, Sample Size 1.2ml @ $1.87

Bugger, more perfume samples.  Wait, have I seen these in previous month's box...  I do like the smell but not sure if it is right for summer.  I am saving the men's for either my husband or my brother.

Intense Hydrating Hair Mask
Full Size 250 ml @ $38, Sample Size 75ml @ $11.40

Perfect!  Never tried a Hair Mask before.  I think this is a great sample size.  Can't wait to try it.  My hair is so dry right now so I am hoping this will hydrate it.

Inside the Bath and Body Box:
Gillette Venus & Olay 5 blade razor ( $14.99)

I cant believe how much razors cost.  I really think it is a rip off.  I think razors cost the company a few bucks to make but charge the customers an arm and a leg for it.  This one looks interesting to try because it has Olay moisturizer bars.  I wonder if they might provide a wax removal sample.  I would love to try it...

Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex
Full Size 50ml @ $37.99 or Walmart @ $33.47
Sample Size 7ml @ $4.69 (per Walmart)

Already received this sample from P&G sample pack.
I feel so old when companies send me anti-aging samples...Hahahaha
If companies starts sending me Poise & Polygrip samples...I dont know if I should just laugh or cry.

Total Value of the box: approx $61

The Bottom Line

My experience with this month's box - 3/5
Product received - 3/5
The surprise - 3/5
Favourite product received - MoroccanOil
Brownie Points - Received plenty of samples
Overall reaction - It's a bigger box...Meh...

What did you receive?
Do you like this month's box?


  1. I got my box today. Was really happy with what I got. I got the Morrocan oil mask, Orlane scrub, Orlane face mask, a Cargo eyeliner pencil(full size), a Cargo Blush (full size) and Essie nail polish (full size). I didn't get the bath and body box with the razor but I'm totally ok with it:) I'm also really glad I didn't get the small perfume sample!

    1. Wow! I really like yours alot more than mine :)

  2. Ugh my boxes sucked. Not a great first impression being that this was my first. I got both boxes (no need for wrinkle cream I am 24) And then in my black box got another sample of the wrinkle cream, 3 samples of perfume, a cargo glitter eye liner/shadow thing, a hair masque(for colored hair..mine is natural so I passed it on to my mom)

    I really hope next month is better :( I hope I won't regret getting the full year.

    1. Not all boxes will be great. At least you've got your money's worth.

  3. I would be super excited to try the Morrocan oil hair mask! I bet it smelled awesome!

  4. Seems strange to me that not all boxes contain the same, you might always be the unlucky one which can't be right.