Tuesday, 15 May 2012

May 2012 Glymm box/bag

I'm impressed with this month's Glymm box.
Maybe they will start improving their samples...

They have eliminate the box (Thank God) and introducing the bag (Yeah!).
I am running out of space keeping all those boxes.
I really like the bag.  I wonder if they will always be bright pink or will it be different colour each month...
This really reminds me of MyGlam bag subscription.

This month's bag include:

CK One for Her and for Him
Full Size 50ml @ $45 (each)
Sample Size 1.2 ml (each) @ $1.08 x 2 = $2.16
Sample Usage 35 sprays per vile (as per pamphlet)

I have already received this in my March Luxe box.  I do like the smell.  I know my husband will use it because he will keep it in his gym bag.

Coola - organic suncare SPF 30
Full Size 50ml @ $36, sample size 5ml @ $3.60
Sample Usage up to 4 uses (as per pamphlet)

We should be applying sunscreen all year round to prevent any sun damage.  I already have some minor ones.  :( I didn't put much sunscreen when I was in my 20s so I am paying for it now.

Nu.Me - HydroPunch Hydrating Conditioner
Full Size 250ml @ $24.99, sample size 20ml @ $2.00
Sample Usage up to 4 uses (as per pamphlet)

It is a good size.  I always run out of conditioner.  I use more conditioner than my shampoo.  I am always looking for the perfect conditioner to make my hair ultra soft...  no luck yet.

Cargo - eye shadow duo (Venna)
Full size = sample size 3g @ $25

This is my first Cargo eye shadow.  One of Luxe box's FIL has a choice of Cargo eye shadow but I missed it but that is OK, I have this one... I love the colour.  It even has a hint of glitter in it.

Caudalie - Anti-ageing serum eye and lips
Full size 15ml @ $33, sample size 7ml @ $15.40
Sample Usage up to 40 uses (as per pamphlet)

This is a good sample size for me to try it out.  I am still looking for a good eye cream.  Love to see my dark circles disappear.

Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum
Full size 30ml @ $48, sample size 1mL @ $1.60
Sample Usage up to 3 uses (as per pamphlet)

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet
Full size 40mL @ $38, sample size 1mL @ $0.95
Sample Usage up to 3 uses (as per pamphlet)

Cute packaging but not practically.  Once you open it, it will dry out over night.  I hope you kept some of those Sephora's containers.  I am going to use it to hold the reminder cream.  This two should be used together.  I wonder why they didn't mix it already or have them in the same bottle...

Total Value of this box is $50+

The Bottom Line

My experience with this month's box - 4.5/5
Product received - 5/5
The surprise - 5/5
Favourite product received - Caudalie's eye & lip serum
Brownie Points - I love the bag
Overall reaction - Yes! No more boxes.  Let's save our planet!  Yeah, better samples!

Do you like this month's box?


  1. You got a great box too, slightly different than me!

  2. Wow! I'm loving the new bag over the box! Maybe it's time to resubscribe x

  3. I loved my box too, i got a Cagro eye liner instead of shadow and a Caudalie skin buffer instead of anti-aging serum. Very happy I can use all the products!

    1. That is great! I think we are all pleased with this month's box.