Friday, 27 April 2012

Tea Tree Oil ~ #Review

Picked this up at my local Costco for C$13.99.
I am so worry that my daughter will pick up lice from school.
I found out a neighbour (two doors down) who has a little girl attends the same school gotten herself infected with lice.
I put a few drops of oil into her shampoo.
Man, this stuff stinks!
But you got to do what you got to do.
It came with a booklet to show a number of things what tea tree oil can be used for.


  1. I had no idea tea tree oil had so many uses!

  2. I love tea tree oil! I use it for everything. It even works as a gargle for sore throats!

  3. Tea tree oil is great for scars and face wash as well

  4. I've used Tea Tree Oil a lot and think it's a great all rounder but I didn't know it's supposed to help keep lice away nor that it's good for insect bites :-)

  5. I bought Tree Tree oil from Shoppers Drug Mart for the same reason you did for my son. I just want to prevent Lice before it becomes an issue. You never know, eh?

    1. Lice is disgusting and I hope I will never see them in my life time.