Saturday, 28 April 2012

New Products

I love to try new products but I like to wait for free samples or coupons first.
Here I have found a few that I would love to try.

1. IQ Smarter Cleaner
You can reuse the bottle and all you have to purchase is the re-fills for $2.49.
You can see the tiny packages beside the bottle.
It is a great idea becuase save on space, energy, and helping the environment.
Right now if you go to their facebook page you can print out $1 off coupon for the starter kit that comes with a full bottle and a refill for $5.47.
I hope Walmart accepts printed coupons...

 2. Has anyone tried O.N.E. coconut water?
I drink coconut juice all the time but never coconut water.
I wonder if it has a similar taste.

 3. I was at Sobey's cereal isle and saw this...
I had a good laugh.
I didn't know if you were allow to put it on a product but I guess you can.
This product was seen on CBC's Dragon's Den.
I enjoyed watching the clip.
The husband tried to make a sales pitch but in the end he didn't really have to.
One of the investors already wants in before the guy was even done.
You should read about them.  It is very interesting.


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  1. I use the IQ Cleansers and they are great! I love how little space the refills take!