Monday, 9 April 2012

Red Hair - Take 2

The last time I tried to dye my hair red and it didn't work.
You can read it here.

I picked this up when I was at my local Shoppers Drug Mart.
This was the only red in stock.  Wished I waited until they had the deeper red in stock.
This was a complementary box so I saved C$14.99.
Before you start, you should read the instructions.
This is a foam hair dye and not your usual gel/liquid one.
It only fills 1/3 of the bottle and I wondered if it was enough.
When I squeezed the bottle, it produced alot of foam.
It was plenty enough.  I even had some left over.
When I was killing time, my head tingles (almost itchy) and I can hear the foam popping away - rice crispy surround sound.
I found it so easy to use and less messy.

The result:
It is not "red" enough but its okay
I noticed my roots are coloured but not so much at the ends.
Next time, I would try the deeper & brighter red.
At least I don't see any greys :o

*Update* Few weeks later I end up really liking it.
Maybe it is a good thing that it is not bright red since I work at the office and not a tattoo parlour :)

Would I recommend this? If you dont mind the price, yes.

*This was a complementary box.  The comments/opinions are my own.*


  1. Just stumbled on this old post. I am a red hair dye addict also. And mine is bright....and I work at an office :) I don't like foamy one though.

  2. John Frieda makes really good products though they are a bit pricey for me. :-)