Monday, 30 April 2012

April 2012 Luxe Box by Loosebutton

I was excited to receive this month's box.
I was very curious to see what was in this first in line (FIL) selection.
I am not a big fan of FIL.  I think it creates trouble, problems, and issues.
I don't mind it once in awhile.

I saw something interesting on FIL.
I selected Panty by Post.
I was about to request nail polish but I thought why not try something fun and interesting.
My only concern is the size...hope it fits...
Panty by Post is a subscription where you receive panties in the mail each month... :0
I think it is a neat idea but it starts at $30 a pop but if you sign for a 3, 6, or 12 months subscription the cost per pair decreases.
Once in awhile they had a promotion for new customers where a single panty cost $10 (taxes & shipping included)

I will review on the panty when it arrives within 1-2 weeks as per Loosebutton.
However, on Panty's facebook page they mentioned that they sent most of the shipment on April 26th - I cant wait!!

This month's box includes:

Seche - Ridge Filling Base Coat
Full size 15ml @ $7, Sample size 3.6 ml @ $1.68
I can't wait to try this.  Just the other day I was thinking of purchasing the full size too.

Biosilk - Silk Therapy
Full size 360ml @ $55, Sample size 15 ml @ $2.29
Wow, someone is reading my mind.  I was looking at this at Costco & Winners thinking if I should buy it.  Now I can try it before I make my decision.  That is great!

Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light
Shampoo Full size 375ml @ $6, Sample size 50ml @ $0.80
Condition Full size 375ml @ $6, Sample size 50ml @ $0.80
Sometimes if you are lucky you can get these for free.  I already have the full size bottles and I do love it.  I am glad they came in the bottles instead of the packages.  I dont mind them.

Panty By Post
Full size $12 - $30
I wonder what the sample size will be...Hahaha, I crack myself up.

Total value of this month's box $35+ (I assume it is worth $30)

The Bottom Line
My experience with this month's box - 4.5/5
Product received - 4.5/5
The surprise - 5/5
Brownie Points - Get to try a new subscription
Overall reaction - Can't wait to see what I will receive from Panty By Post

Do you like this month's box?  What did you received?


  1. That's lame, I thought you would get the panty the same time as everything else!

    1. If they did that, our boxes will be delayed even more. I dont mind waiting for a few more days for the panty. They have already started to ship some last week so I might receive mine this week (If I am lucky).

    2. not that i ordered them but i read i think on facebook?? or maybe it was in an email from loose button that they wont ship them together for hygienic reasons
      i can only assume it in case something in your box spills

  2. My panties came the same time as my box! Check your card about the polish. I got a fast dry top coat. It says that it's suppose to be a full sized product!

    1. OH! That is great! Where are you? Out West? I dont think my says it is suppose to be full size. It mentioned how much the full size cost...

    2. I am in PEI. I am going to post a picture on my fb page 'Beauty Box Reviews' I believe you are already on there. There is a little bubble message beside it saying that it's a full size product!

  3. $30+ for panties? Wow, they had better be pretty special for that price!