Sunday, 25 March 2012

Window Shopping

I was at my local Canadian Winners (that sells Runway clothes) and you wont believe what I've found.
If you have not checked out the beauty aisle in your local Winners/Marshalls/HomeSense - you must, you have to, it is life or death...ok, it is not that bad.
I have found GlamGlow in Winners.
They sell it on Glymm's website for C$78 and last month they were C$50 for a limited time.
They had about 8 boxes sitting there and they were selling it for C$39.99.
No, I didn't purchase one because it is not my cup of tea.
I used it twice and it burned than a tingle.
Then 15 mins later my face was smooth for about 10 mins then nothing...bummer.

I also found Prada shoes for kids.  They had  a price tag for C$129.99...
Would you purchase them?


  1. I could never figure out the regular price of some of winners clothes??!! Who are these people that pay those prices?? Sorry I love good quality and all and do understand one often has to pay for it but really??!! $200 for a pair of pants?! = fools

  2. I agree! I rarely shop at winner becuase everything is ridiculously priced!

  3. Debbie White Beattie17 September 2017 at 21:40

    I shop at Winners for household products that I can't find anywhere else and I check prices before I buy so I know I'm not over paying