Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Neutrogena - SPF 110

Have you even hear a sunscreen with SPF 110?
At the most I have seen SPF 70.
I use to remember sunscreen use to be SPF 8 or 15...what is happening to our poor planet :(
Just read an article that Neutrogena just came out with SPF 110.
88 ml with a cool C$17 price tag.
It states its light as a feather but has the strength to protect you from UV rays.
"Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen" = not greasy - SOLD!
I believe it is or will be available at Shoppers Drug Mart but it might be in Walmart & Loblaw's superstore too.
Picking up one?


  1. wow I only knew until 60, but 110? amazing!

    1. Wow! 110!? Crazy! I wonder if it is actually any better protection than SPF 60 or 70?

  2. SPF 110 sounds perfect for my fair skin! Thanks for sharing this!