Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Beauty Tips

I am still new to the make-up/beauty world, so bare with me.
These are tips beauty you may or may not heard before.
If you are a goddess or guru of makeup - this will be boring for you :)

Beauty products should never be in a jar.
Don't know why they cant put it in a tube.
If your favourite product is in a jar make sure you close it up tightly after use.
Air and light can effect the product.

Always wear SPF anywhere that is exposed to the sun.
Yup, even during the winter.
Even if it is 15 SPF on your face, it is better than nothing.
More the merrier.
We don't put on enough.
Go ahead, put on some sunscreen.

Keep yourself hydrated.
After a shower, before you are totally dried, put on some lotion all over yourself.
If you are hungry late at night or have the munchies, drink water.
It is more likely you are thirsty than hungry.

When putting on eye cream, a tiny little dabble is enough.
Use your ring finger to dabble around your eye.

For emergency only, if you ran out your leave-in hair conditioner, you can actually use your regular conditioner and leave it on your hair.  You only need a small amount.

I hope I didn't bored you too much.

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