Tuesday, 20 March 2012

March 2012 Luxe Box

Just received mine this morning and I was not expecting it.
I was wondering what happened to my tracking number and I received it in the evening...LOL
I was just thinking about this box this morning.  Hahaha

This month is Loosebutton's first birthday...Happy Birthday.

This month's box:

Kerastase - hair mask
Full size 200ml @ $60, sample size 30ml @ $9
This hair mask is alot of work.  First after I towel dry my clean hair, I am suppose to put on the product, wrap it in hot towel, leave it for 5 mins and then wash.  Once I have the chance to try this I wont be purchasing this product.  I don't have the time to jump in and out and back into the shower with two kiddies in the house.

DDF - cream
Full size 48g @ $140, sample size 14g @ $40.83
This product was in others previous month's box.  I cant believe that this sample is worth $40+.  I hope I don't fall in love with it because I can't afford it.

Cargo - Glitter Top Coat
Full size 2.8g @ $18 = sample size
This was my first in line pick.  I didn't like the selections they had.  They were OK.  I missed out on the eye shadow...not sure if I am happy about it or not. :)  Don't put this on the bottom eye lid...it burned...maybe I did it wrong.

My Scent, created by Loosebutton
CK one - Shock for her, Full size 50 ml @ $45
Vera Wang - Lovestruck, Full size 50 ml @ $79
Marc Jacobs - Oh, Lola!, Full size 50 ml @ $79
I like Marc Jacobs the best of them all - of course I like the expensive one. :)
Didn't I mentioned that they have to hold back on the perfume samples?  It is getting too much.  Now I have alot more perfume samples than before.  I even gave them "feedback" on their last "survey".  I guess they dont read them...so what is the point of filling out one?

CK One - Shock for Him
Full size 100 ml @ $65, sample size 15ml @ $9.75 (info from The Bay)
I received a bonus for my hubby to use.  I know he will like this one.  I like it.  I am thinking of saving it for Father's Day coming up in June.

Total worth of this month's box $78+

The Bottom Line
My experience with this month's box - 4/5
Product received - 4/5
The surprise - 5/5 (It came in the mailbox without me knowing)
Favourite product received - DDF cream
Brownie Points - Received a bonus for my hubby
Overall reaction - Wow, alot of perfume.  Wow, that is one expensive cream.  Must be laced with gold.

Did you get yours yet?  What did you receive?

You can read my last two month boxes here - January and February


  1. Your box is amazing! My box sucked! Are you a yearly subscriber? I been hearing that it varies based on your subscription to them.

    1. Really? I've find that there is too much perfume in my box... :)

    2. well I'm a yearly subscriber and my box pretty much sucked too. I got the cargo eyeshadow I wanted and a vera wang lovestruck perfume sample, the chi silk fusion from the past boxes and an OPI small topcoat....I asked them to never send me nailpolish and the perfume was much smaller than the CK shock ones...:( at least the eye shadow was gorgeous.

    3. I got the same box as yoU Anonymousu exactly and I was also in unsatisfied. Everything was small. The perfume although a later vial isn't a rollerball or spray so is a pain to open/close.

  2. I got mine today and was happy with it.

  3. i got the cargo eyeshadow, 3 of the shampoo conditioner samples a tiny top coat and a lavender moisturizer that makes my throat burn when i smell it. i didnt get the glitter topcoat even though it was my first in line pick

    1. That is too bad. I guess this first in line does not guarantee you the product you have chosen. Must be a glitch they have to fix.

    2. I got the same box! The lavender smelt bad + super small sample. Disappointed this month