Thursday, 9 February 2012

February 2012 - Glossybox: Canadian Style

Across the Atlantic Ocean came the Glossybox.
They travel all over the world - Northern Ireland, Italy, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and more...
Don't worry our American neighbours, they are also coming to your door steps too!
For $15/month (including taxes) they are the most expensive.

$13.04/month + 15% taxes in NS
$13.27/month + 13% taxes in ON, NB, NFLD
$13.39/month + 12% taxes in BC
$14.29/month + 5% taxes in AB, MB, SK, NWT, PEI

Topbox: $10 + taxes
Luxebox: $12 + taxes (non yearly subscription)
Glymm: $10 + taxes (non yearly subscription)

Toxbox guarantees you 4 samples
Luxebox Glymm guarantees 4-5 samples
Glossybox guarantess you 5 samples and maybe a 6th one

Promo boxes were shipped out last week.
The difference:
Essie full size nail polish ($9.99) instead of our Welda Shampoo ($2.33)
Oscar de la Renta hand cream and instead of our perfume ($8.27)
Ahava hand cream 20ml ($2.24) instead of our 40 ml ($4.48)

Inside the pretty pink box:

Ahava: Deadsea Water *Update* Body Lotion (wrote Hand cream previously)
Full Size 250ml @ $28, sample size 40ml @ $4.48
Received the Ahava Handcream from December Glymm box.  I loved it so much I did purchase the full size via Glymm's website.  I love Ahava: Deadsea Water line of lotions.

Elizabeth Grant: Moisturizing Lip Stick
Full Size 5g @ $12, sample size 3.5g @ $8.40
I love the smell when I opened it to use it.  It really moisturizes my lips.  I love lip balms so this is another plus for me.

Wella: Shampoo
Full Size 300ml @ $13.99, sample size 50 ml @ $2.33
Smells great, can't wait to use it. (*Cough* I rather have the nail polish)

Oscar de la Renta: perfume (Live in Love)
Full Size 30ml @ $62, sample size 4ml @ $8.27
Cute bottle, it smells OK.  (*Cough* I rather have the lotion)

Elizabeth Arden: Prevage's Day anti-aging skin care
Full Size 50ml @ $160, sample size 7ml @ $22.40
Smells good.  I will use this but I don't think I will repurchase this...too expensive.

EXTRA!  Bonus 6th item

Beauty So Clean:
Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes
Full Size 48 wipes @ $12.50, sample size 4 wipes @ $1.04
Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist
Full Size 125ml @ $ 15.99, sample size 8ml @ $1.02
These are very interesting products.  Of course they send you a pamphlet of germs on your cosmetic to scare you...Hahaha

Total value of the box is $47.94

The Bottom Line
My experience with this month's box - 4/5
Customer service - 4/5
Product received - 4/5
The surprise - 4/5
Favourite product received - Moisturizing lip stick

I understand launching in Canada came with some glitches but not giving us updates if there was a delay or no tracking number provided I was surprised.  However, when I emailed them they responded very quickly.  I don't care if it is late as long as they inform us.  (Just a thought.)

Overall, I like my box.  However, I like the promo boxes a bit more.  (Psst, there was no full size sample...)  I wonder if they will continue to please us with our future glossyboxes...

Do you like your box?  Do you think the promo boxes (free) is better than ours (paying)?


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, I was expecting one full size product because when they launched in the UK, everyone received a full size of NARS. Too bad, maybe next month's box might be better. Crossing my fingers :)

    2. I hope so Happy Chinadoll :)

  2. I think the Ahava sample is actually a body cream, but I actually got an Essie polish instead of the shampoo! Everything else was the same, but I'm happy with my Glossybox for the most part.

  3. I loved Glossybox! It was my favorite subscription box and I wish it would come back to Canada!