Monday, 19 December 2011

December Luxe Box by Loose Button ~ #UNBOXING

Received my box full of goodies in the mail.
I couldn't wait to open my Luxe Box's Holiday Edition.
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The package:
Yves Rocher: cream - full size 50mL @ $52 (on sale $28.50); sample 15mL @ $15.60 (on sale $8.58)
This cream smells wonderful.  I don't usually buy anything from Yves Rocher but this is a nice treat.
It is not too greasy and it is great for the winter when my skin gets really dry.

Moroccan Oil: Hairspray - full size 300mL @ $24; sample 75mL @ $6
This is to replace last month Moroccan Oil hair cream because it expired in March.  I don't use hair spray so I will most likely give it away.

Moroccan Oil: Shampoo - full size 240 mL @ $22; sample 70mL @ $6.42
This is an extra treat #1 because of the expired product they have given to us.  I can't wait to try it.

Moroccan Oil: Conditioner - full size 240 mL @ $21; sample 70mL @ $6.13
Extra treat #2 because of the expired product they have given to us.  Conditioners do not last long for me.  I have long hair so I hope I can get enough sample to try it for a few washes.

Nina Ricci: L'Air - full size 50 mL @ $72; sample 1.2mL @ $1.73
This smell so nice.  I believe this is more for a night on the town.  My husband thinks it smells like Christmas.  I think it smells like the forest/ I guess that is why my husband thinks it smells like Christmas.

Nina Ricci: L'Elixir - full size 50 mL @ $65; sample 1.2mL @ $1.56
This has a fruitier smeller.  I think this is great during the day.  My husband like this one more.

NYX: eye pencil - full size 1 g @ $4 = sample - Yeah
Black is great.  It goes with everything.  I found NYX is very popular and in Canada you can only purchase it in selected drug store - usually in Rexall/Pharma Plus.  I am glad to get to try this because this is my first product by NYX.

Don't forget the limited edition chocolate coin with their logo on it.  That was gone in seconds.

So the total value of this month's box is $41+ (includes regular price Yves Rocher & last month product replacement.)

The Bottom Line
My experience with Luxe Box- 5/5
Product received - 4/5
The surprise - 5/5
Favourite product received - Moroccan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

I enjoyed receiving and opening my box this month.  I get to try many new items I have never used before.  I am super happy to received it before Christmas.

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays / Season's Greetings.

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Virtual hugs!

Ta ta for now.

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  1. Moroccan Oil is really good for hair, brings shine & strength!