Sunday, 20 March 2016

Bella Aura Daily Moisturizer Repair Emulsion ~ #Review

I can't believe today is the first day of Spring.  Last weekend, we had a glimpse of it when it was warm enough that I don't even need to wear a jacket.  During the Spring and Summer months I like to switch my facial lotion with a lighter texture.  Bella Aura Daily Moisturizer Repair Emulsion with Aquarich is the perfect light weight facial cream I enjoy using.

Bella Aura Daily Moisturizer Repair Emulsion with Aquarich is jammed packed with all sort of vitamins to help keep your face young and healthy.  Once again this little bottle smells amazing.  It has a light texture, absorbs fast, and leaving my face soft and not greasy.  I could use this day or night.  I use it mostly during the day.  I could see this product would be perfect when the weather gets hot and humid.  I use this every morning alone or wear it underneath my makeup.  It provides the perfect hydration I need during the day.

Bella Aura Skincare was founded by Yasmine. She decided to create Bella Aura after intensive research with chemists and scientists.  Bella Aura is simple, natural and works for all skin types.  Visit Bella Aura website to learn more about her story and her product line.

Active Ingredients Aquarich
•Black Oatsare a water-retaining substance containing polysaccharides and amino acids. It supports the skin’s own natural ability to retain moisture.
•Lecithinis both a restorative agent and moisturizer. It penetrates deeply into the epidermis and nourishes the skin at the targeted cell level.
•Vitamin E(Tocopherol) is the perfect addition to any anti-aging formula. A classic anti-oxidant because it protects collagen producing cells plus prevents UV and pollution damage to the skin. Vitamin E is anti-inflammatory and a natural moisturizer for dry skins that helps to prevent water loss.

Your Targeted solution for long lasting skin hydration:
•Infuses skin with High Performance Peptides, rich Vitamins E-A-C-D-F-K-B complex, minerals, omega 3-6-9 fatty acids to nourish, hydrate, rejuvenate and replenishyour skin
•Provides better hydration properties than Glycerin or Hyaluronic Acid
•Proven to reduce trans-epidermal water loss and dramatically improves skin hydration
•Helps minimize the look of dullness and fine, dry lines through delivering refreshing hydration
•Helps support the skin's natural collagen and reveals a younger, more lifted look

Bella Aura Daily Moisturizer Repair Emulsion (30ml, $128) is available at Bella Aura website

*Disclosure - The product in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. so curious about the smell, is it fruity? floral LOL, THANKS for the review

  2. Sounds super nice. I love that it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy.