Saturday, 17 October 2015

Facts on the New ORPP ~ #Life

If you are living in Ontario I think you should know that our Ontario government is rolling out the carpet for the new ORPP (Ontario Retirement Pension Plan).  The information I am providing just highlight some important information.  Please visit the website for more detailed information.

Not enough people are saving for retirement.
Companies no longer offer pension plans.

It will be introduce starting 2017.

Employees and employers will each contribute an equal amount, capped at 1.9% on annual earnings up to $90,000.  Anything above $90,000 (in 2014 dollars) will be exempted.

If you make $45,000 a year, you will receive an additional $6,410 per year for life on top of your OAS and CPP.
If you make $70,000 a year, you will receive an additional $9,970 per year for life on top of your OAS and CPP

The amount you will receive from ORPP will depend on how long you contribute and your salary during those period.

For more information go to

Disclaimer: This is not a Sponsored post. This post only highlights some facts. I can't guarantee the facts since the information could change.  Highly advise to check the website for more information.


  1. That sounds interesting but I must say that I've lost faith in politicians keeping their promises - always seems to turn out to be too expensive in the long run, it has to be paid for somehow where's the money to come from? This doesn't affect me but it does make me wonder.

  2. I have no faith in the government, I am on disability and me and my husband have been struggling for seven years since being put on, I take a lot of medication and can't get any help for that either, so he works his butt off everyday just so we can get by and have a roof over our heads, and honestly I can't see it getting any better, with all the rising costs of the bills and groceries!!

  3. I didn't know about the upcoming ORPP. Thanks for this post. I feel better informed about it.

  4. Very interesting, especially because I'm clueless about my future.