Friday, 18 September 2015

#ElevateLoungeTO ~ #Review

This past week I had the most wonderful time at #ElevateLoungeTO hosted by Harbinger, Toronto based PR firm.  They had four stations set up - Simple Skin Care, Nexxus, Dr. Scholl's, Treats room where I could try out some of the products and helping me looking fab during the #TIFF event.

#ElevateLoungeTO ~ #Review

First I had my makeup removed by Simple Skin Care products and have my makeup reapplied.  If you recall - I love the Simple Wipes.  I used them for months and they are one of my favourite wipes to use.

Next I had team Nexxus working on my hair.  I had my hair braided and she was surprised how long my hair was.  First she applied the mousse and then gave me high wavy pony tail.  I think she applied a ton of hair spray to make sure it last into the evening.  She even used the Nexxus serum to keep my fly away to stay put.

Afterwards, I was munching on M&Ms, Magnum Bars, and Orville Redenbahers PopCorn chips.   I was so amazed with GayLee Smooth Cottage Cheese.  My favourite is the Vanilla Bean flavour and I can't wait to get some more at the stores.  It was also my first time trying Voss water and I love the reusable glass bottle.  I have been using it every since.  I also enjoy trying the Lipton Green Tea with Mandarin Orange.

The last room was the Dr Scholl's where I had my feet polished and received a foot massage.  It was not too long ago where I used the Dr Scholl's Express Pedi Foot Smoother on myself so my feet were not too gross.  The replacement head lasts approx 3 months when you use about once a week.  It costs about $20 for two replacement heads..

Of course I didn't walk away empty handled.  I received some samples and coupons to pick up Magnum Bars and GayLee Smooth Cottage Cheese in stores.  In the bag they gave a pack of gum which I think it is important to have.  No one wants bad breath.  They also gave a full size Dove Pure Care Dry Oil for Hair.  It is one of my favourite product to use on my hair.  I love the scent.  If you have not tried this product I highly recommend it..

It was a great event and the staff were super nice.  I have a fantastic time and I was walking out with a smile on my face.  Getting pampered, polished, and pumped with sugar would always put on a smile on anyone's face.  I am hoping they will host another one next year and if you get invited, I suggest go to it.  You might never know what new favourites you will find.

Congrats to the winners who won my #ElevateLoungeTO swag bags

*Disclosure - The product in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. Sounds like one lovely day! I like all the brands too.

  2. I had such a great time at #ElevateLoungeTO this past Sunday. The swag bags were really great too!

  3. So nice to hear that you had such a good time and manage to collect some great samples and coupons :-)

  4. That's a lot of nice stuff.