Friday, 14 November 2014

Hasbro Jr. Monopoly ~ #Review #Influenster #GameNight VoxBox

We rarely played any board games at home since none interested my daughter. The last time I played a board game was 5 years ago during a birthday party. When I discovered that Influenster sent me a Junior Monopoly for us to try I was not too sure if my daughter would play it. The original Monopoly is long and complicated game to play. I remember playing for hours during the summer break with my brother. When it arrived, I was surprised my daughter wanted to play right away. The instructions are similar to the original and much more simple.

Hasbro Jr. Monopoly

There are no railroads or the ability to purchase multiple of houses or hotels. Each player starts with $20, if there are more than 2 players, each person starts with less. The youngest goes first. If the players decide to purchase the property you place a “marker” to indicate that is your property. If the player purchases both property of the same colour, the rent is double. Play the game until every player runs out of money. The last one is the winner.

The game last about 30-45 minutes and it was so much fun. It is a great math and money experience for my daughter to learn. For the past few days we had played almost every day and she enjoyed it. She is always asking me to play the game with her. It is a great game for kids to play during rainy days or snow storm days. Board games are a great way to bond with my daughter. It is a fun experience and memories that she will cherish. I can’t wait to see what other board game she might like.

Thank you Habro and Influenster for the opportunity for my daughter to play her first board game at home.

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


  1. wow, that must have been a fantastic feeling to have actually got your daughter to play this with you and not just once but repeatedly. :-)

  2. Junior Monopoly is so cute! I loved it as a kid.

  3. This is cute! I always played the regular Monopoly since a very young age, but this looks fun