Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Nail Polish Canada Carries Footlogix: Foot Deodorant ~ #Review

The other day I bought some clear storage boxes to store my cosmetics and one of the boxes were just full of nail polishes and nail products I have collected over the years. Even though I have collected so many I still wanted more since there are so many new nail polishes release ever y year. My nails crave more and more so there is one place I love to check out is Nail Polish Canada, Canadian online shopping, that carries more nail polish and products that a girl could dream off.

Footlogix: Foot Deodorant

I love to paint both my fingers and toes because it would be strange to paint one and not the other. I always take care of my hands by applying moisturizer to keep my hands and cuticles hydrated but sometimes I forget my feet. It is the season for flip flops and sandals and no one wants to see or smell gross feet. No one wants to see socks and sandals, as well as, no one wants to see cracked, dry, flaky, smelly feet. The Nail Polish Canada carries Footlogix that are known for their top of the line foot care needs. Footlogix offers healing solutions to troubled skin of the feet including cracked heels, calluses, peeling skin and more.

I received Footlogix: Foot Deodorant to kill any odour causing bacteria and leaving it refreshed. During the summer I usually wear foot wear without any socks. However, that leads to sweaty and smelly feet. On occasion if someone leaves their gym bag with their shoes out in the car, the odour travels throughout the whole car and it makes you gag. It is amazing when I tried the foot deodorant it kills the odour in seconds. After a few sprays my feet felt dry with a hint of peppermint scent. It leaves no residue and the spray put the product on my feet evenly. This product is great to carry in a gym bag or by the door where all the shoes are. Another ideal place would be at the office, if you are like me with a few extra shoes sitting under the desk.

Foot Deodorant Spray

If you use compression socks, check out Footlogix: Tired Leg Formula – with DIT. It is formulated with “vaso-active properties” this lightweight mousse helps reduce leg fatigue. Compression socks is helpful for people with varicose vains, spider veins, edema, chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), lymphedema, or deep vein thrombosis (DVI). I applied the mousse on my legs and it dries quickly and leaves no residue. Since I don’t use compression socks so I can’t comment on this product.  I'm not sure when they will carry this product on their website.

Nail Polish Canada usually has free shipping for orders over $25. For a limited of time, there is no minimum for free shipping. When you order from Nail Polish Canada you received points so check out the rewards system as well as their catalogue to see what you can redeem them for.

*Disclosure - The product in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. My mother's heels crack because they get so dry. I should introduce this product to her.

  2. What a useful product.

  3. cracked heels is a problem that usually confronts me in winter - not this winter so I've been lucky so far. I try all sorts of things to stop them cracking but so far haven't found just the right thing, perhaps Footlogix would fit the bill.