Monday, 26 May 2014

Loving L'Occitane Au Bresil ~ #Review

It is very exciting to see new products from one of my favourite stores, L'Occitane.  This time L'Occitane took a trip to Brazil to give them ideas and inspiration for a new collection for customers to enjoy.  This new line of suncare and fragranced body collection is called L'Occitane Au Bresil.

L'Occitane Au Bresil

Olivier Baussan L'Occitane's founder has sourced new fascinating plants and active ingredients from the incredible divesity of the Brazilian ecosystems to create these two limited edition collection: Jenipapo & Vitoria Regia.

The suncare line is derived from the Jenipapo fruit tree:
Jelly Milk, SPF 20 (150ml, $32)
Body Oil, SPF 15 (150ml, $32)
Face Veil, SPF 30 (25ml, $30)
Roll-on Perfume Oil (10ml, $24)

The Jenipapo fruit tree grows as tall and as quickly as possible, in order to rise above the canopy and soak up the energy of the sun.

I love the perfume oil in a roll-on tube.  These roll-ons are perfect to put in my bag or purse for a quick on the go touch up.  The Jenipapo has a nice light floral scent that I really like and is perfect for this season to wear.  I love how the sun care products would smell like this wonderful scent because if I had it I will be wearing it every day.  Not only I will be protecting my skin, I will smell wonderful and hydrating my skin.

The fragranced body line is inspired by the Amazonian flower Vitoria Regia:
Eau de Cologne Jour (300ml, $52)
Eau de Cologne Nuit (300ml, $52)
Hand Cream Jour (30ml, $12)
Flower Soap (100g, $10)

This "star of the Amazonian waters" sleeps during the DAY, its petals folded over as if to protect itself from the rays of the sun.  During the NIGHT, the lily transforms, it blooms in the soft light of the moon, beneath the stars, its petals blushed pink.  The next day, it fades away, giving its place to a new one.

I am loving the Vitoria Regia Hand Cream Jour.  It is nice and light, perfect for this summer to wear.  It has a nice light floral fragrance that is wearable during any time of the day, even at the office.  It kept my hands hydrated and soft.  After a long day of cleaning the dishes and washing the floors, my hands are drier than usual.  Applying this made my hands normal again.  This is a keeper and will be living in my purse of awhile.

L'Occitane au Bresil, limited edition will be available at all L'Occitane boutiques across Canada in June 2014.

*Disclosure - The product in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. Thanx for the great review. Everything sounds so great! Would love to try them all. Come on June!

  2. This sounds so nice! I need to head to the L'Occitane boutique and check it out!

  3. thanks for the great review, these products sound wonderful!!

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  5. I love roll on perfume!! So wish there was more of them on the market :)

  6. What a great idea travelling to Brazil to find new ideas and fragrances.