Sunday, 25 May 2014

Loving Dial New Products ~ #Review

I have been using body washes for years.  It makes washing time fast and quick.  My daughters have been using body washes from day one.  I doubt I had used a bar of soap on them before.  They love to play with the soap suds from the body wash.  Dial has become one of my go to brands for my body care needs.

Dial relaunched their best-selling Yogurt product range, adds even richer Greek Yogurt proteins to the mix in a new body wash, lotion and the first ever cooling female body wash, Dial Fro Yo.

The Dial Greek Yogurt Body wash is very creamy so it keeps my skin hydrated after my shower.  I love the cooling sensation when I use the yogurt cooling body wash.  I used it after a good work out and the cooling body wash relaxes my skin and body.

New Dial Greek Yogurt 7 day Moisturizing Lotion - Fast Absorbing, non greasy lotion contains 7 bionutrients plus yogurt and honey extract for touchable skin, and promises to keep skin soft for up to 7 days.

I was surprised that Dial created a body lotion.  I only know them to make great body and hand washes.  I was excited to try their lotion since I love to try anything related to hydrating my skin.  Dial's lotion smells and feels great.  It is true that their lotion is fast absorbing and non greasy.  It keeps my body nicely hydrated.

 A new line of Premium Liquid Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps in 3 naturally-inspired flavours brings joy to counter tops, while new Vitamin Boost and Lavender Twilight Jasmine body washes provide variety for ‘me time’ in the shower.

Dial Deep Cleansing Moisturizing Hand Soap comes in 3 scents:
  • Yellow Raspberry
  • Water Blossoms
  • Coconut Lime Verbena
I have been using Dial hand soap for years.  I like to get the eco size refill bags.  I like the Dial Deep Cleansing contains micro beads infused soap to give it a thorough clean feels when my daughters and I wash our hands.  I enjoy the Water Blossoms scent which smells like when I step outside after we had a rain shower.

 Lastly, a new spin on a favourite from last year, Dial Kids 2-in-1 has been repackaged in a larger size with a pump to make bath time a breeze.

My daughters and I love the Dial Kids 2-in-1 which launched last year.  I used it on both my daughters so the bottles didn't last very long when I am using it as a shampoo & a body wash.  I am so excited to see it comes in a larger size and the pump making it easy for me to use.  They were sold in 221ml ($3.99) and now in size 709ml ($6.50-$7.99) which is over 3x more than the original size.

Dial products are available at mass retail location across Canada.


  1. Coconut lime verbena is on my shopping list after this post

  2. I love the Dial body wash with yogurt, it makes your skin feel silky smooth

  3. This sounds like a wonderful experience! I love the idea of the coconut lime scent.

  4. I knew Dial had a body wash, but didn't know about the other products. I'd especially like to try the lotion. thanks for letting us know about these products.

  5. I love dial products but am especially impressed with their new kids line as well!