Thursday, 27 February 2014

NuTerra Granola Cereal ~ #Giveaway Winner

Winners to my NuTerra Granola Cereal giveaway are

Kristina M.,

Amy C,


Barthanar Y

Please check your email
Thanks for entering everyone.

My other current giveaways (more coming soon!):
Vitabath Asian Orchid & Coconut , March 25, CAN/US

24Clearit Acne kit, March 22nd, CAN/US

Beanitos, March 17th, CAN/US

Oxy Emergency Acne Wipes, March 13th, CAN

Power Rangers Zeo, March 3rd, CAN/US

Hallmark (Valentine's), March 5th, CAN only

C is for Clean, March 2nd, CAN only <--ENDING

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