Thursday, 19 September 2013

Fundraising using Lovable Labels ~ #PR

Are you in PT committee?  Day Care Director? or Hockey Coach?  Trying to raise money for the school, day care, or a camp trip.  What ever the reason why - Lovable Labels has a Fundraising program that could help you with your needs.

There are many reasons why Lovable Labels could be your fundraising solution
  1. Provide quality products
  2. Free to sign up
  3. Dedicated coordinator is always there for guidance
  4. Provide all the necessary materials required to promote the fundrasier 
  5. 20% of net sales goes towards the school/day care
  6. Prices are not inflated.  The prices are the same regardless from who it is purchased from.
  7. Choice of paper or paperless fundraising
  8. Time efficient when there is no time involved in filling orders or collecting money
  9. It is simple and easy to do
  10. Making money while reducing the lost and find pile
I have seen a few terrible items that kids try to sell.  One popular one is kids trying to sell magazines which I don't like and never order.  I find them over priced "deals" I normally could get and the problem I find with magazines is that they pile up in the house.  I don't have time for them.  One time my co-workers doubled up on their magazine order because she ordered some then her husband ordered some but never cross checked their order and they ended up getting the same magazines. Chocolate is another issue I have.  They have become smaller and smaller in size but the cost for a handful is way over priced.  Not only that, it goes towards my waistline.   Other fundraising I have heard of are selling clear garbage bags, cheese, and popcorn which all of them are way over priced.

As I said before, Lovable Labels do not inflate their prices for fundraising purpose.  The price is what it is.  There is no extra "hidden" fees or shipping and handling fee.  Trying to sell items that no one wants is hard but selling labels is a bit easier since every parent who has young children needs them.   No parent wants their kid's belongings to go missing or lost.  Lovable labels has labels for every clothing item and bags.  They also sell labels for around the house and even medical tags for your child to have with them.

For more information on Lovable Label Fundraising program - click here.

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*Disclosure - I will be receiving my choice of  multi-purpose label for promoting Lovable Label program.   All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.
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  1. What a great idea, and alternative to sugary snacks for fundraising purposes.

  2. Love this idea! Different from trying to sell chocolate or baked goods in a competitive fundraising market!

  3. Love this idea as i am tired of selling pizzas or coupon books!

  4. i did not realize Lovable Labels did fundraising..such a great idea from the other fundraiser out there that i can't stand! I hate the ones that come with the books of various wrapping papers, silly kitchen gadgets etc. I do like the cookie dough fundraisers done at my kids school just before Christmas though!

  5. I think this is a great idea for fundraising and I'm pretty sure a lot of parents would think so too.I have participated in chocolate bar campaignes to raise money and also cookie dough.It's all for a good cause.

  6. this sounds like a good idea for fundraising, everyone needs labels at the latest when children start school. I'm pretty sure they would go down well.

  7. I just love these labels this is great idea

  8. I didn't know they did fundraising! What a wonderful idea, as everyone can use labels!