Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Back to School with Stuck on You ~ #Review

What?  I am already thinking about Back to School?  I know, I know, it feels like summer has just started!

Well, it will be gone and when mid-August swings along, it is time for Back to School shopping - new clothes, supplies, shoes, coats, laptops, cell phones, etc... Remember those $0.10 lined papers we use to stock up on?  Well, I did for many years since we hardly had any money while growing up.  I think some had lasted me all the way to the end of college.  Yes, we were maybe a little crazy on the paper.

Stuck on You carries great items to help you for either the kiddies going back to school or their heart breaking first day of school.  My big girl is going to Grade 1...what happened?  I keep telling my youngest to stop growing up.  My kids are just growing up way to fast for my liking.  Maybe I can persued my husband to have another....maybe two more...maybe twins? (Just to even out the numbers).

Stuck on You has pretty much all the supplies you need for your kiddies to go back to school. They have napsacks, lunch box, water bottles, clothing labels, and pencils cases to name a few.  I enjoy shopping at Stuck on You and wanted to see what I should purchase for my daughter when she goes back to school in September.

Stuck on You

I have chosen the large pencils cases which would hold everything she will need like pencils, markers, ruler, and even one giant eraser.  It is so huge it could hold more items if you wish.  It also has a smaller pouch in the front that could hold her paper clips and band aids.  The best part is that not only it is so large, it has her name smack dab in the middle which is perfect.  There is no way she can loose it - fingers cross.

The other item my daughter will love is the pink library bag which will be so useful for her.  Each week they make a visit to the school library and pick out a book.  This bag is so light and handy that she will be using it often not for only the school's library but also when I take her to the public library.  This bag reminds me of the one I used to own back in high school.  They were so popular at the time.  Maybe it has become popular once again.

My daughter immediately fell in love with them once she laid her eyes on them.  Her first reaction was if she could take it to camp with her.  I said sure, why not.  She will be using her library bag for her swimming gear until school starts.  I know she can't wait to show them off on her first day at school.

*Disclosure - The product in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. I recently placed an order for personalized water bottles from stuck on you for my sons and they love it! I thought they looked really cute and well made!

  2. What cute items! I will have to check this site out

  3. Very cute items for your daughter! Thanks for the introduction, I've not heard of this place before!

    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  4. Cute choices! It does feel like summer JUST started didn't it...

  5. I love Stuck On You products. The personalization makes everything extra special.

  6. I love there products,so helpful when my boys are in school too!
    Lynn M

  7. this is new for me too, looks like they have some good stuff there too. I love the fact that things are personalised, very handy when taking the things to school.

  8. Debbie White Beattie7 May 2018 at 04:50

    I absolutely love that commercial because it's so funny to see what parents are really thinking