Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Body Shop: Chocolate and Strawberries ~ #Review

Just in time for Valentines Day, The Body Shop is introducing the New Chocomania Deluxe Edition with a new luxe look.

The Chocomania Deluxe Edition provides a decadent chocolatey-scented and luxuriously guilt-free experience.

For an extra twist, try to combine the Chocomania and The Body Shop's classic Strawberry bath and body range to bring in a new experience to enjoy.  A new take on the idea of Strawberries dipped in chocolate - sounds divine without the calories.
The Body Shop: Chocolate and Strawberries ~ #Review

I have never tried their Chocomania before until now.  The scent is to die for.  I can't believe how much the body butter smells like chocolate.  I could almost eat my hands.  You wouldn't understand how nice and wonderful it smells until you try them out yourself.   Not only does it smell lovely, but it also makes my hands wonderfully hydrated.  Now I have to go to my secret stash to satisfy my chocolate craving.

Gentlemen, be sure to check this out.  This will not to disappoint any chocolate lovers out there who are lotion & lip balm addicts like myself.  The chocomania body butter will be sure not to disappoint since it is one of their bestsellers and I could see why.

The Body Shop: Chocomania ~ #Review

The Body Shop's "Chocomania Deluxe Edition collection benefits from the finest Community Fair Trade cocoa butter."

The New Chocomania Deluxe Edition:
Body Scrub $20
Lip Butter $6
Body Butter $20
Soap $4
Body Lotion $12
Shower Cream $8
Beautifying Oil $14

Two gift set:
Shower, Scrub, & Soften Luxury gift $25
Shower, Scrub, & Moisture set $20

Available in stores February 2013

*Disclosure - This product in this review was provided to me free of cost of the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. OMG - this sounds divine! And mixing with strawberry is even better..great idea!

  2. Sometimes when I open a jar of body butter I just want to take a big ol lick! I'm sure it smells so good. Don't cha just love The Body Shop? I love their body butters the most and the customer service their is very good. I really like layering the products such as body butter and body lotion but I never thought to mix two different ones. Thank you for this idea and nice post.

    1. Yes, I do love The Body Shop. Thanks for your nice words.

  3. Yum, I can't wait to try this! I love everything The Body Shop!

  4. mmmm love anything Body Shop!!!

  5. Now I just gotta find a body shop near me!

  6. These products sound amazing and make me hungry lol Thanks for a great review!

    Anne Taylor

  7. Hello, HC. Loved the review and it was funny, too. I like that you include the prices and product selection in your review posts. These products sound wonderful.

  8. Oh no, I can see this being an addiction. Using the chocolate lip butter but licking it off and having to buy more, and more, and more... :)

  9. I like the Body Shop but I'm not too sure about the chocolate lip butter, I love chocolate but to taste it all day on my lips would probably drive me crazy :-)

  10. I do however like the sound of Chocolate and Strawberries :-)