Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Body Shop: New! Scents of the World ~ #Review

The Body Shop has been inspired by international aromas and created five (5) new scents.
This collection is the first containing "100% organic alcohol and global sourced natural extracts".

The Body Shop has five new scents: (left to right)
Japanese Cherry Blossom - Fruity & Floral
Indian Night Jasmine - Spicy & Seductive
Atlas Mountain Rose - Amber & Musk
Madagascan Vanilla Flower - Amber, Frangiani, & Vanilla
Amazonian Wild Lily - Green & Fresh

It come in either the Eau De Toilette 50ml (C$25) or the Perfume Oil 15ml (C$16).

I never knew but did you know perfume oil is the "strongest and longest lasting form of fragrance?  Alcohol-free, they are ideal for use on skin sensitive to alcohol-free fragrance."  This perfume oil does not leave you greasy.  Once you rub it in, it quickly dries and leaves a matte finished.  I'm in love.

I had the opportunity to try out the scents and  I know they will all make you smell lovely and sexy.  I can't tell you which like more because I really like them all.  I would have a hard time choosing one or two at the store.  I like the size of the perfume oil so I could easily put them in my purse for a light, quick touch up if I needed it.  My daughter was sniffing them and told me she like them too.  She likes them so much that she asked if she can put some on too.  Why does my baby want to grow up so fast?

This would be an ideal Valentine present for all those ladies who loves perfume.  I am thinking of getting one or two for my mom's Mother's Day present.  She is a big on perfume.  She wears them everyday and she will actually finish a whole bottle...down to the last drop.

This collection "contains 100% Community Fair Trade alcohol made from sugar cane obtained from the CADO co-operative in the Cotopaxi province of Ecuador."

I did a little experiment - I have blended two fragrances (Madagascan Vanilla Flower & Atlas Mountain Rose) and created another scent I really enjoy.  It would be fun to experiment and create something new you might like.

Available in stores and online February, 2013

*Disclosure - This product in this review was provided to me free of cost of the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. Glad you like them so much! I would love them too. I would love to try the Japanese Cherry Blossom. Fruity and floral all in one seems so nice, plus I like the pink bottle!

  2. Nice choice Lee! I am a long-time user of their Japanese Cherry Blossom products.

  3. They all look great but amazonian wild lily looks refreshing.

  4. I love the Body Shop!!! I would love to try all of these!!

  5. I really like the look and review of this set, will look for it

  6. These sound really wonderful! I especially like Vanilla, so I'm sure I'd enjoy them!

    Anne Taylor

  7. I love the body shop and i love the smell of vanilla.. name is tara crawford

  8. I have yet to smell any of these - on my next trip going to scent them all! :)

  9. What a great collection. I like how you blended the 2 fragrances and created a new one. I am asking my hubby to go to the body shop for my valentines day gift :)

  10. They look like an amazing collection

  11. Looks like a great collection. I love Body shop products

  12. sounds good like all the other body shop products so imagine these would be great too

  13. I like the idea of blending two together to make your own fragrance!

  14. I do so like The Body Shop, they are always coming up with new ideas. :-)

  15. Debbie White Beattie13 January 2017 at 05:18

    The body shop has some wonderful products and I bet these smelled amazing.