Thursday, 1 November 2012

Elizabeth Grant: Shades of Romance Eyeshadow Palette ~ Review

I received a wonderful announcement that I was a prize winner to receive Elizabeth Grant products.
The lip balm was the only product I used by Elizabeth Grant.
This eyeshadow palette was given to me as a additional prize for waiting patiently to clear up errors for my shipment.

Do you know Elizabeth Grant is a Canadian Company in Toronto?
Who knew?
Her life story is interesting - from a home business to a sucessful international company.

This pallet includes:
Butterfly Kisses
Fairy Tale Dusk/Shimmer
Flirty Romance
Velvet Dream
(Not sure which name is for which colour)

It is a very pretty eyeshadow palette.
I really think the packaging is a bit interesting - not your ordinary case.
The colour is very light on my skin and blends quite nicely.

Elizabeth Grant products are sold on their online store and The Shopping Channel.  Once in awhile I have seen Elizabeth Grant products pop up from time to time.



  1. Those are beautiful colours! They are so soft and pretty!

  2. Nice pallet,i do love the colours