Friday, 9 November 2012

David's Tea ~ Review

As you know, I am a big tea drinker.
David's Tea is one of the stores I go in order to feed my tea-drinking addiction.
Did you know that David's Tea started in Montreal and then opened their first doors in downtown Toronto.
From there they have expanded all over Canada and the United States.

It might be overwhelming with so many teas to choose from.
Not to worry.  If you talk to any of their sales associates, they are always friendly, patient, and willing to help.

In each bag there are steeping instructions to create the perfect tea.
There is also an indicator of how strong the caffeine is in the tea.

David's Tea was wonderful to let me sample one of their winter collections - Chocolate Chili Chai, and their tea of the month Vanilla Orchid.

Chocolate Chili Chai - David's Tea created a new meaning to "hot chocolate" when mixing chocolate and chili in the tea.  This will sure warm you up during cold winter mornings or evenings.  This is my first time trying chocolate in my tea and I loved the experience.

 Vanilla Orchid - The perfect blend of oolong and vanilla flavouring tea.  David's Tea delivers premium oolong from China, Huang Jin Gui.  If they serve this at dim sum I would never leave the restaurant.

If you are shopping for a tea lover in your family this Holiday season, I believe David's Tea would be a good place to start.

*This product was sent to me by the company for review purposes only.  All opinion and comments are my own.


  1. I love David's Tea and Chocolate Chili Chai is actually my favourite!

  2. David's Tea is great! There's one right up the street from me, so thanks for the review, I'd like to try the chocolate chai!

  3. Having company over tonite serving fancy cookies and davids tea

  4. I'm usually repelled by the thought of something spicy but this chili chai tea sounds amazing! I'll try it for sure!

  5. I love this company! Their teas are so delicious and make great gifts!