Friday, 26 October 2012

Suncoat Girl: Head to Toe Kit ~ Review

Do you have a little girl/cousin/niece/granddaughter who loves to put on nail polish?
When my daughter was younger, she wouldn't let me trim her nails unless I promised to put on nail polish on her.  Yup, she is that type of girl.
When I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, naturally her answer was "A Princess".
I discovered Suncoat Girl when I was at the National Women Show.

Who is Suncoat Girl?
A Canadian company that sells non-toxic water based nail polish for girls over 3 years old.
These nail polishes are created without all those hard chemicals so it is safe for those little princesses.

Suncoat Girl has an array of pretty girly colours and some of them are considered vegan free!

Suncoat Girl recently launched "beauty from head to toe...naturally" kit that includes:
  • 2 nail polishes
  • lip shimmer
  • loose mineral eye shadow
  • one pair toe separators
My little girl was so excited when she saw this kit and wanted to open it right away.
However, I kindly told her she had to wait until I have taken some pictures of the product.
She was very understanding.
Her favourite was the lip shimmer that she even took it to school to show it to her friends.
The nail polish was so easy to remove because after her bath, it just peels right off.
You don't need any nail polish remover.

Go check them out.  I think this will make a great birthday or Christmas present for your little angels

Made in Canada

Available online


  1. this sounds like the ideal nail polish for little girls. The fact that it was so easy to remove after a bath, it just peeled right off is marvellous.

  2. I've been looking for a good nail polish for my little niece! I'll definitely look into this!