Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Kellogg's Cinnabon ~ #Review

I was at my local (Cdn) Walmart and I couldn't believe my eyes.
Cinnamon bun in a box!
There are instructions to nuke it in the microwave but who has time?
I just pop them in my mouth :)
I have to watch myself or I would eat the whole box in one sitting.
One bar is 150 calories so I savour one a day.
Not only do these taste incredible, they were on sale for C$1.99 (Reg C$3.99).
I wonder if they will have more if I go back...


  1. I wonder if they still produce these, I love Cinnamon buns but I've never noticed these anywhere. Shame I missed the special offer :-(

  2. Sound yummy!! I have not seen them yet will have to look for them now. Thanks for the review :)

  3. Aw I'm sad I missed these! They sound yummy!