Sunday, 16 September 2012

Who's Gaga for Lady Gaga's Fame perfume ~ Review

Have you tried Lady Gaga's Fame perfume?
Her perfume was launched in America & UK last month, launching world wide this month.

She wanted her perfume to smell like "blood and semen."  (She said it, I didnt)
As I continue to quote "the perfume is based on the molecular structure of the two substance, it would not smell of them" (Wikipedia)
Phew!  I dont want someone sitting next to me on the subway thinks I hurt my lover or something...Hahahaha
Then she describes that the perfume smells like an "expensive hooker".
She cracks me up.  I dont think I want every person out there thinks I am a hooker...Hahahaha

The black perfume is in an egg shaped bottle that once it is sprayed it will become clear. How cool is that?
I just want one just because it could do that regardless if I like the smell or not.

In my opinion, the perfume has a mixture of fruity and vanilla smell...I love it.  A lot better than Madonna's Truth and Dare perfume.

50mL @ $59.00
100mL @ $89.00 (The Bay website)

Available at The Bay, Sephora, and Murale.


  1. I got the sample from the Bay last week... I don't smell any like 'blood and semen' WaHahhaa))); instead, it has 2 notes, base and top notes... I agree it smells like "expensive hooker".
    However, I like true or dare by maddona more, just like a mixture of jasmine.

    1. Again, try to get free sample of Guerlain ~ little black dress, it smells much better and the bottle WOW .

  2. I like to try this perfume, but I don't like her concept. Guys would feel attracted to me if it has pheromones, but I don't know if it does.
    God bless you!

  3. I tried a sample of this and actually quite liked it! I think it smells like the 1st Brittney Spears perfume, kind of sweet and vanilla.

  4. I never tried it but it sounds lovely.

  5. I like the bottle this is in, not too sure that I'd like the smell though :-)