Sunday, 26 August 2012

Vichy Event at Rexall

A few weeks ago I was at a Vichy event at Rexall.
I described my skin concerns and in the end he gave me quite a few samples to try.
Its so easy to get samples of Vichy without going to an event.
Just talk to one of the SA and they are usually have a ton of samples in stock at the store.

It was my first time trying the Light Weight Sunscreen. I cant believe how light it was.
Unlike your usual sunscreen that is thick and takes forever to rub it in, this one is very watery.
It blends into you skin very fast and does not leave your face all greasy and oily.

I also like the Normaderm.  It really hydrates my skin without the greasyness.
Once I in dire need of face cream, I think I will purchase this product unless something else draws my attention.

This is makeup remover I have yet to try.

Yes, I have already tried this product before.  I am not going to say no to free samples of ProEven

Aqualia Thermal Aqua-Gel - I have yet to try.
I am not sure if I was suppose to receive this sample but I am not complaining.

I really enjoyed receiving all these samples.
It was well worth it.
Would I attend another event?  Yes!  Free Samples!!

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