Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Look What I Saw

I did another stop over at Winners
If you like La Fresh nail polish remover facial wipes they are selling it for $6.99.

Yes, I am a Geek.
I saw these at The Gap and had to show them to you.
No, I didn't purchase them but wanted to.


  1. Are those star wars plush dolls? SOOOO DARN CUTE!!

  2. The Star Wars dolls are very cute! Are those nail polish remover pads? The ones in your pic are all for the face. The makeup remover pads for the face are at my Winners too and I've been praying that they'll get the nail polish ones because I quite liked them.

    1. Oh, you are right! They are for the face. My bad...

  3. You always seem to find everything from beauty box subscriptions at your Winners! Jealous!

    :) chelsey

  4. I have tried the makeup remover wipes and nail polish wipes and have been pleased with neither. :(

  5. the Star wars stuffies are so cute.