Sunday, 15 July 2012

Target is coming to Canada

Hey Canadian readers - have you been to Target?
When I first walked into the store the first time, years ago, I thought I walked into Zeller's.
I didnt think there was any special and dont know why people are crazy about the store...maybe it is me :)

Now that they are coming to Canada they are taking over Zeller's real estate (building).
Target is not taking over Zeller's, just the store location if you are wondering.
They have not announced any specific dates except it will happen in 2013.
I know the first few weeks there will be a crowd of people until it all dies down after a month.

On Target's website, they mentioned if you use Target's reusable bags they will offer $0.05 discount.
Giant Tiger offers $0.03 when you dont need their plastic bag.

Is Target going to open near you?
Will you visit Target when it opens in Canada?
I bet they will have some crazy Grand Opening Sales or incentives to get people into the door.

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  1. Now that targets here, I really dont find them any better than walmart.