Friday, 15 June 2012

Hello Mail

I had a good mail day this week.
Want to see what came for me?

1. My Costco BrandSampler came in.
One of a few benefits of having a Costco membership.  I believe this comes out twice a year.

2. Nursery Purified Water was giving away X amount of name tags each day.

3. Are you getting enough calcium?  Did you know many Asians ends up having osteoporosis?  I am not sure how accurate this information is but it could be true.  I have tried their chewable calcium pills and it tastes like chalk.

4. Happy 60th Birthday Neutrogena!
To celebrate their birthday, Neutrogena's Facebook page was offering samples or coupons for a limited of time.  These are decent size samples.  I assumed they will be smaller.  I cant wait to try them.

I hope I would able to receive more freebies/samples soon.  I missed out on the Olay freebie from their facebook page on Mother's Day.  Boo!

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